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Old World Recipes,
Fresh Herbs & Spices,
Pasture Raised Meats.

Our Flavors

Boerewors Brat

Popular South African meat sausage, infused with Adam Puchta red wine and hint of cloves (Lamb and Pork).

Thuringian Brat

Traditional pork brats, German style, perfect with sauerkraut.

Thai Sai-Ua

A taste of Thailand, slightly spicy, hints of kaffir leaves, lemon grass and shallots. (Pork)




Butifarra Soledenas

.Flavorful Colombian sausage with cumin, garlic, fresh cilantro and sweet habanero peppers (Lamb and Pork).


Traditional Filipino breakfast pork sausage flavored with pineapple, brown sugar, garlic and paprika. Served with rice and eggs.


Moroccan style savory goat sausage, spiced with cumin, coriander, and cinnamon.




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